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How to Choose the Right Smart Speaker for Your Needs and Budget

By Just Smart Speakers

6th April 2023

Smart speakers are the latest craze in home technology. They are voice-activated devices that can play music, answer questions, control your smart home devices, and do so much more. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs and budget. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to choose the best smart speaker for you.

Consider Your Needs

When choosing a smart speaker, the first thing to consider is your needs. What do you plan to use the smart speaker for? Do you want it to play music, control your smart home devices, or answer questions? Different smart speakers are better suited for different tasks. For example, if you plan to use your smart speaker to control your smart home devices, you may want to choose one that is compatible with the devices you already have.

Compatibility with Other Devices

Another factor to consider is compatibility with other devices. If you have an iPhone, you may want to choose a smart speaker that is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Similarly, if you have a Google Pixel phone, you may want to choose a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of a smart speaker is also an important factor to consider. If you plan to use your smart speaker primarily for music, you will want to choose one that has high-quality speakers. Some smart speakers even have the ability to create a stereo pair for an even better audio experience.


Finally, you will want to consider your budget when choosing a smart speaker. Smart speakers range in price from under £50 to over £500. While the more expensive models often have more features and better sound quality, there are still many budget-friendly options that offer great value.


In conclusion, choosing the right smart speaker for your needs and budget requires careful consideration. Be sure to think about what you plan to use your smart speaker for, compatibility with other devices, sound quality, and your budget. With these factors in mind, you can confidently choose the perfect smart speaker to enhance your home technology experience.

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